How to keep your entrepreneurial Spirit Alive


Entrepreneur Niklas Zennstrom once said:” If you want to be an entrepreneur, it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. It defines you. Forget about vacations, about going home at 6 pm – last thing at night you’ll send emails, first thing in the morning you’ll read emails, and you’ll wake up in the middle of the night. But it’s hugely rewarding as you’re fulfilling something for yourself.

Being An Entrepreneur is not at all Glamorous It’s stressful. If you think meeting your boss’s deadlines or demands is tough, try meeting your own, especially when your personal savings are on the line, workload can be intense and it’s frustrating.

So with this kind of stress, pressure and workload how to keep your entrepreneurial Spirit Alive! am sharing with you what I’ve learned so far 🙂

Remember the time when you had the great idea to start your business? You did everything possible to turn that vision into a reality. It was exciting, nerve-wracking and rewarding all at the same time.

Don’t fear failure; people we try to avoid the negative consequences of failure; BUT we also lose out on the chance of success.

Create a wall of positivity, a motivational wall start printing out quotes, pictures that motivates you and reminds you of your passion.

Surround yourself with like-minded people. Try to spend time with people who have a positive outlook on life, they can be very inspiring, and avoid negative people.

Take care of yourself, recharge your energy by doing something that makes you happy.

Have other goals to achieve in your life other than work, that will make you happy and gives you strength and confidence.

Remember you have adopted a lifestyle of taking chances, while someone else has declined that challenge, don’t lose your entrepreneurial spirit. It’s what got you where you are in the first place, and it will help you every day as you live in this non-stop world.