Why Entrepreneurs Need Mentors

A lot of entrepreneurs succeeded without mentors but it will cost extra time and wasted resources.

Good Mentors will change your business life for the better. All of those conversations and meetings with them will be valuable

I would like to share with you why personally I think Entrepreneurs need Mentors:

  • They’ve “been there, done that” , learn from others about their mistakes and success.
  • Mentor is direct yet supportive; Your mentor can be able to identify mistakes you’re making quickly and let you know in time to fix them and move forward.
  • expand your social network ;Your mentor, being an experienced leader, businessperson or even an investor, is likely to have an extensive network that eventually he/she can introduce you to.
  • Help you make decisions; they can give you valuable advice on certain topics that you have a lack of experience in.

Good mentors will be hard to track down, and their time is extremely limited , but I had a great group of mentors I met through our accelerator program and now we have a trusted, long-term relationship.




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